Team DSG

Frederick E. Darris II
Founder & CEO

As Founder & Chairman of DSG Staffing, Fred Darris is responsible for running all the facets of the business. Fred earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia on a full-ride academic scholarship. He joined General Motors after five years of working for them during the summers in an elite Internship Program. With a ‘no excuses’ attitude, Fred distinguished himself at GM by rising from an Associate Engineer to an Executive in a five-year time span while simultaneously being the youngest recipient and graduate of the Sloan Fellows Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Fred also acquired his M.B.A. from Lindenwood University.

Kim Knight
Chief Operating Officer

Kim Knight brings more than 30 years of Corporate experience to DSG Staffing as the Chief Operating Officer. As a single mom equipped with the mindset of creating a better life for her child, Kim started a 3-week contract assignment on the Legal Staff at General Motors. With a mix of intelligence, sheer determination and her B.S. in Legal Administration from University of Detroit Mercy, she advanced her career and retired as an Executive for General Motors. She played an instrumental role in assisting the Legal Staff’s Management Team on several major technology projects.  Kim is also President of Keeping IMoving Project Management.

Lomas Brown
Business Development

Lomas Brown was drafted by the Lions in the first round (sixth overall) of the 1985 NFL Draft, and for the next 11 seasons the team would feature a pivotal piece on the offensive line that not only blocked for perhaps the greatest running back of all-time in Barry Sanders but a unit that would prove valuable to the several playoff appearances the team earned in the early 1990s.

During his time in the NFL, Brown was one of the league’s premier tackles. He earned six-consecutive trips to the Pro Bowl from 1991-97, and he was a starter three years (1991-92 and 1994). Brown was the ever-important left tackle that shut down his defensive counterpart week in and week out, and he was one of the most durable offensive lineman in Detroit Lions history starting nearly every game (164) he played in as a Lion.

Brown was a key blocker on a line that paved the way for Sanders as he claimed NFL rushing titles in 1990 and 1994. He blocked for Sanders for seven seasons (1989-95), and Sanders accumulated 10,172 yards (4.0 avg) and 73 rushing touchdowns during that time.

Scott Lusader
Business Development

Scott Lusader started off his professional baseball career playing with the Detroit Tigers (’85-’90) and later playing for the New York Yankees (’91). After he retired from baseball, his strong work ethic and positive attitude propelled him into the Business Development world. Scott obtained his bachelor’s from the University of Florida in Business and prides himself on his “first work smart, then work hard” mindset. He has been a trusted business advisor to CEO and Founder Fred Darris for over twenty years and has played a vital role in DSG Staffing’s success. In his spare time, Scott teaches youth baseball and loves to spend time with his three children.

James Bailey
Business Development

James Bailey is one of the original founders and investors of Diversified Recycling and Logistics (DRL) as well as DSG Staffing. He received a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Michigan in Flint, Michigan. After his thirty plus years in his profession career, he has achieved countless certifications which that help him in his dynamitic role at DSG Staffing and DRL. Outside of work, James enjoys all sports, being in the outdoors, and spending time with his family and friends.

Ron Ross
Business Development

Ron, a Michigan State University alumnus, is a business executive and entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in engineering, sales, quality, supplier diversity and business operations.
He joined DSG Staffing as an accomplished sales professional with a demonstrated record of high performance with proven success in generating revenue, developing new opportunities and creatively solving problems. In 2018, he launched his latest business venture, Ross Business Development (RBD), a business management and consulting firm that provides customized growth solutions for diverse business enterprises across an array of industries.

Brigette Zoli
Business Development

Brigette was born to be in sales and she has been a Business Development Manager for over twenty-one years. Her favorite thing to do is be out in the field talking to business owners about how they can partner with DSG Staffing. She prides herself on her tough skin and her ability to not take “no” for an answer which has led to many long-lasting, positive relationships with multiple clients and companies. Brigette strives on results and puts in her all to achieve high levels of performance from herself, and others around her. She has completed several sales training and obtained many certifications which has led her to become a leader in sales as one of the top producing sales managers for over twenty years.

Ben Abbey
Business Development

Ben has a background in Fiber Optics and Communications Engineering in addition to having been involved in the insurance and financial services industry for over 15 years. He holds multiple licenses in the field and has proudly helped working people develop solid retirement strategies as well as assisted retirees in maintaining their wealth and the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. Ben is now a liaison for DSG Staffing gleaning potential clients in the greater Genesee County area. He looks forward to utilizing his vast knowledge of the area and a lifetime of relationships built to help DSG expand into Flint and the surrounding communities.

Karen Brender
Lead Recruiter

Karen brings over ten years of recruiting experience to DSG Staffing and is known for her incredible ability to connect with anyone and everyone. She is known for documenting and following proven procedures which ensures that the job gets done correctly. Ms. Brender is an excellent teacher as she guides colleagues to reach their stretch goals. She received an associate degree from Macomb Community College in Business and has proven again and again that she is successful because of her proactive behavior and thought process.

Diane Brown
Lead Recruiter

Diane comes to DSG Staffing with more than fifteen years of Customer Service and Project Management experience. Throughout her career, Ms. Brown had responsibilities that allowed her to dabble in recruiting. Because of her diverse skillset, the transition to the “Recruiting” world came with ease. Her drive and determination combined with her leadership skills, makes her a force to be reckoned with. The larger and more complex the project speculations are, the more excited she becomes. She is known as the “Queen of Program Management”. 

Janet Oleary
Lead Recruiter

Janet brings more 20 years of experience in the staffing industry and over 29 years of Management to the table. Ms. O’Leary is extremely diverse which enables her to recruit for many different skills and positions. Janet currently oversees her team in the areas of recruiting, managing job postings to find candidates, in-state and out-of-state, along with Direct Hire openings. She is a Certified Staffing Professional through the American Staffing Association and she obtained a 10-hour General Industry certification through OSHA Education Center.

Toya Cage
Senior Recruiter

Toya Cage is a dedicated employee with a big personality. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in HR Development from Oakland University, she worked in the HR field for over four years and then in the management field for two. She became a recruiter because she enjoys people and loves to help others. Toya is a problem-solver and enjoys being able to provide solutions and build great relationships with clients. Her first love has always been music as she has been singing since she was five years old. She even occasionally preforms live for people in her free time.

Maddison Cotcamp
Senior Recruiter
Michelle Currier
Senior Recruiter

Michelle has been in the Recruiting Industry for the past 13 years. She enjoys working with people; especially candidates seeking employment and companies who have service needs. Her honesty and positive attitude has helped her gain many client relationships over the years. Michelle’s hard work and dedication has been instrumental in exceeding and maintaining high gross profit numbers. She achieved a Certified Staffing Professional Certificate along with an OSHA 10-hour Safety Training Certification. Michelle is a dependable, energetic person who can take on and complete any task she is given.

Nikki Hines
Senior Recruiter

Nikki fell in love with the recruiting field because of how it can change the lives of others in a positive way. She is currently a Senior Recruiter and a vendor on premise for the DSG Staffing team. Her ambitious and adaptable work ethic has proven time and time again to make her an asset to any team. Such as when she was able to streamline a hiring process and downsize the amount of staff needed from five to three which saved a previous company over $70,000.

Veronica Hodges
Senior Recruiter

Veronica is a Senior Recruiter at DSG Staffing who can tackle any task thrown her way. She mostly recruits for assembly, manufacturing and housekeeping positions, but has proven she can find candidates for anything. After taking a leap of faith during her fifteen-year long career at a law firm, she was thrown in the world of recruiting. Veronica has an ambitious drive to succeed that does not go unnoticed by others. She constantly strives to be a great mentor for the employees, which shows through her multiple permanent hires for numerous clients. Even though she has achieved a great deal in her work world, Veronica still says that her highest accomplishment is being a great role model for her kids.

Wayne Inger
Senior Recruiter

Wayne Inger has over twenty years of experience in the recruiting field and has held various titles such as Corporate Recruiter, Branch Manager and Sales Representative. At DSG Staffing, Wayne currently hold the title of Senior Recruiter and takes a great deal of pride in the work he does. He received an associate degree in Marketing from Macomb Community College and entered the recruiting world after his mother -who worked as a sales representative- showed him some opportunities in the field. He believes in seeing every job all the way through and looks forward to advancement and growth opportunities in clients and customers he can help.

Nicole Kukla
Senior Recruiter

With over seven years of experience, Nicole Kukla is a senior recruiter at DSG Staffing while she also does sales on the side. Nicole is a dedicated work which shows from her experience, she started as temporary admin and after two years she became a branch manager and was able to increase numbers within a year. She has a passion for helping people which lead her to this field. Nicole believes that one of the most rewarding things in life is helping people to find employment.

Melissa Paquette
Senior Recruiter

Melissa Paquette is a senior recruiter at DSG Staffing and has a total of twenty-three years of experience in the staffing field. Melissa received a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Communications and Public Relations from Wayne State and she secured her first full time position three months after completing her college internship and graduation. Multiple times Melissa has proven that she is an invaluable asset to the DSG team, like when she hired six hundred plus people to open Little Caesars Arena in August 2017. A humble, focused and hard worker, anytime someone needs help Melissa will be there.

Juan Quirindongo
Senior Recruiter

Juan Quirindongo has many years of experience in the staffing industry and worked his way from a recruitment coordinator to his current senior recruiter position. He studied at Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw Community College and received a bachelor’s degree in Management/HR. Juan prides himself on his “pay it forward” mentality and believes in doing something for someone else every day. A committed, honest, and considerate person, Juan always give 100% to whatever he is doing and has added many positive things to the DSG Staffing name.

Donna Enyart
Recruiter Coordinator

With over thirty years of experience in the advertising and administrative world, Donna has cracked the code on how get things done and how to get them done right. As the Recruiter Coordinator, multi-tasking is a daily task. She is constantly pulled in many directions assisting the recruiters and helping on special projects. DSG Staffing is lucky to have her on their team as she has proven time and time again to be an invaluable asset. She lives by the motto, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and her upbeat personality makes her a joy to work with.

Jan Piacentini
Payroll Specialist

As DSG Staffing’s payroll specialist, Jan Piancentini is the oil that makes the DSG machine run smoothly in payroll. She has many years of experience and is diligent about her work. She makes sure that employees are correctly paid and is dependable & honest with every task that is given to her. DSG Staffing is lucky to have her and she has made a big impact on everyone, especially with the employees.

Kristen McClellan
Office Administrator

With over seven years of experience as an executive assistant, Kristen McClellan brings a compassionate, dependable and organized energy to DSG Staffing. Kristen has worked in many different fields and has risen to any task thrown at her. She has also worked in the staffing field as a recruiter and brings a plethora of knowledge with her. Accomplishing such things as account manager, employee of the month and becoming a stock liaison allows Kristen to handle anything that comes her way.